Gearing Up For Change!
Our Schools
  • Truman Price Administration 2019-2020

    Mrs. Olga Cervantes, Price Principal

    Mrs. Elsa Guzman, Curriculum Specialist

    Mrs. Martha Rodriguez, Price Counselor


2018-2019 School Year
Our Campus

Our Campus

  • We are Just Wild About Teaching at Truman Price.

    This year our campus theme is all about teaching, learning, and being successful. 

    We have the highest expectations for our students and we are wild about them. 

    Here we are!





Dress Code

Pre-Kinder, Kinder and 1st grade: Navy Blue polo style shirts with khaki bottoms

2nd and 3rd grade: Hunter Green polo style shirts with khaki bottoms 

4th and 5th grade: Red Polo style shirts with khaki bottoms

Students are to wear uniforms Monday thru Thursday. On Thursday students have the option to purchase the College Shirt and wear it with khaki bottoms. 

Fridays: Students may purchase Spirit shirt and wear that with blue jeans or khakis. 

Honoring Our Custodians
  • We Love Our Custodians!
Who's Who at Truman Price Elementary
  • Students who have read over 100,000 words


Just a Reminder*****
  • "Aspire to Be...Aspire to Lead...Aspire to Succeed!"

    Dear Parents,

    Can you believe it's already October?  We want to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us with your child.  This is just a reminder that together, we share the responsibility for our student's success and we want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.  We ask that you guide and support you child by ensuring that your child:

                1.  Attends school daily on time and ready to learn  

                2.  Completes all homework assignments given by teachers

                3.  Reads everyday to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills

                4.  Reviews standards for appropriate behavior at school

                5.  Knows that you want him/her to meet all the school's expectations

    Working together, we are confident that your child will have a great year.  Feel free to contact the campus for answers to any questions or concerns you might have @ 464-1303.




Teachers presented on The Energy Bus which was assigned summer reading.